Needle Sweeps in Portslade

If you or your company requires a specialist sharps removal service in Portslade then Silver Star Cleaning has an able and efficient needle sweep team who are able to administer this relief to ensure the secure eradication drug paraphernalia

It is crucial that any findings of sharps, are reported immediately and disposed of correctly and professionally. We are here to stop incidents from occuring involving contaminated sharps which if punctures the skin, allows highly contagious blood-borne bacterias including Hepatitis B and HIV to be transmitted to the person

Our experienced team in Portslade conducts a thorough needle sweep guaranteeing all sharps are removed before fully decontaminating the area to be certain that all bio-hazardous contamination is abolished.

Our needle sweep team provides a rapid response to calls and ensures that the correct and proper disposal and site cleanse will be executed in full accordance with the Health and Safety regulations and COSHH procedures

Once that has been carried out, a full inspection of potential risks and method statement which explains our procedure of removal in Portslade, through to fully licensed removal will be implemented.

All of our Needle Sweeps cover the following

  • Quick response to calls
  • Full risk assessment
  • Proper disposal
  • Site decontamination
  • Method statement explaining our method of removal through to fully licensed disposal.

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