Trauma Scene Cleaning  

Cleaning up after a crime, trauma, fire or flood is a highly specialised cleaning service which requires specialist training and equipment

Specialised Cleaning Service

Along with our other specialised service of performing needle sweeps, these cleaning jobs are potentially hazardous so we only send in our most experienced and qualified team members to complete these dangerous services to a very high standard. When the worst has happened, whether that be damage to a business or home caused by flood or fire, damage caused by a crime, contamination created by a trauma or injection needles being discarded by drug users in a property, it is important to have a cleaning company to turn to who are reliable and efficient to effect the clean up as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

High Quality Trauma Scene Cleaning Services

There are a great number of regulations and health and safety concerns around the disposal of materials such as biological matter and used needles so we ensure we have all the correct procedures and equipment in place to dispose of these materials safely and in compliance with the regulations. Our team can attend scenes very quickly to return areas affected by crimes, traumas, floods, fires or discarded needles to their normal state as soon as possible.  A full list of our qualifications and affiliations in this regard are available upon request.

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