Give your frontage a festive clean up!

December 13, 2019

There may well be some important matters to think about in the country at the moment, Brexit, The General Election, what to buy Dad for Christmas, but the real question that needs your prompt attention is....are your soffits, facias and gutters clean?

What are soffits & facias anyway?

Astonishingly, we don’t generally look upwards at these important bits of our properties, but let me assure you, they're really important and do a very important job, like, hold up the guttering, stop the rain getting into the roof space or down the cavity walls and keep the loft free of mould.

The soffit is the under side of the facia and the facia is the long panel that runs along the exterior of the house, under the eaves, and boxes in the space between the roof and the outer wall. Ventilation panels are set in the soffit to help air circulation in the roof space to avoid damp and condensation. So, we have established that the soffit is actually quite important as, along with the facia, it stops water getting in to the property, gives a place to fix the guttering and prevents mould in the loft. But do they need cleaning, aren’t they just up there, far away and happy? No! says Silver Star Cleaning of Brighton, dab hands at this type of cleaning operation. They say.................

Why is it important to keep your soffits clean?

It’s actually really important to clean the facias, soffit and guttering. Cleaning your soffits might be the saving of your treasured tut in the loft. The ventilation panels in the soffits get clogged up with all sorts, rust, peeling paint, decaying birds (or hamsters, our Hetty vanished out the bathroom and ended up in the gutter, what an end!), fungus and moss growth. If your facias and soffits are timber, the moss and fungus will rot the panels eventually and probably destroy the gutter fixings. It they are PVC, then no, they won’t rot, obviously, but they will look really shabby but importantly will still suffer from the blocking of the ventilation panels. Cleaning this part of the house should really be done once a year. Apart from the benefits of the clean,  it will stem the need for repair and redecoration in the future.

Clean, ventilate and get festive

So, this part of house maintenance is really essential and we’ve covered that but the really important reason for having Silver Star Cleaning turn up and clean your gutters, soffits and facias is………..because you can’t hang up the fairy lights, tasteful illuminated reindeer and sparkly Santa sack from dirty facias, yak, what would the neighbours say? You’d be shining lights on the fungus for goodness sake.

These types of jobs are better left to the professionals. Reach and wash is the perfect solution to cleaning the facia and soffit and the purpose-built gutter sucker cleaner keeps the mulch and muck from falling onto your garden, patio or your walls.

Get in touch with us after Christmas to get your soffits squeaky clean, your gutters clear and free flowing and your facias glistening in the winter sun.

Happy Christmas from the team here at Silver Star Cleaning to everyone in our beautiful city of Brighton & Hove