Student Clean Up

September 27, 2019

We’ve all been teenagers, where it’s a struggle to coordinate enjoying life with clearing up after ourselves. Once away from home, this problem can become inexorably worse especially once starting your studies at university. For landlords of student accommodation, their own hopes and dreams are that the property will be cared for, kept clean and in tact until these great minds of the future quit the property and move to the next stage of their ‘away from home’ adventure.

The end of the tenancy hails the big clear out and clean and for some, whether a shared house, flat or single student accommodation, its inevitable that even mum arriving armed with best intentions and bin liners, or a cohort of well-intentioned pals offering ineffective dusting, punctuated with beverage breaks and high jinks, won’t get the property to optimum cleanliness.

For landlords the end of a tenancy triggers the need to get the property cleaned, repaired and habitable for the next student. Keeping a clean and well maintained property means the landlord can offer good quality accommodation and keep call outs for breakages to a minimum. By giving the property a deep clean after each tenancy, the landlord knows what the condition of the accommodation is before the new intake moves in and what it should therefore be at the time of evacuation.

We have been cleaning student accommodation for many years now and there’s nothing we haven’t seen. Some students really do make valiant efforts to clear up, but their house mates don’t, some properties are vacated with no effort at all and some just need the standard deep clean, that professional cleaners like Silver Star Cleaning provide.

We’ve thought of a few tips to help our lovely young adults to keep their caves in reasonable order:

  • Put refuse in the outside bin and recycle everything, think about the planet as well preventing fly swarms in the kitchen.
  • Buy cheap mats and put them everywhere to avoid the beer bong overflow and flipped over kebab marks.
  • Buy a very large kitchen bin to avoid missing and staining the walls.
  • Try using various cleaning products to clean baths and showers and absolutely everywhere else.
  • Regularly return road signs, bollards or shopping trolleys to their place of origin.
  • Call Silver Star Cleaning on 01273 273 999 to get the professional check-out clean to satisfy your landlord that you’ve got it covered.

Steam cleaned carpets, windows, woodwork, floors, kitchens, oven clean, white goods and furnishings, Silver Star Cleaning working with students and landlords to keep them clean, keep them safe and keep them happy.

Call us on 01273 273 999 or contact us via our online form for help cleaning your home.