Sanitising and Deodorising

Sanitising and Deodorising

Unpleasant smells can be very off-putting when people are viewing a property.  The presence of harmful viruses, germs, bacteria and spores are even more unpleasant and can result in sickness, absence from work and all-round poor health.  That why we offer sanitising and deodorising services in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas using the latest fogging technology combined with the best sanitising and deodorising products available today.

Effective Sanitising and Deodorising

Unpleasant scents in buildings or vehicles are caused by bacteria. If you kill the bacteria, you will kill the smell.

Our fog deodorising is a unique form of sanitising and deodorising that completely eliminates all foul odours by atomising the chemical which then produces an ultra-fine fog.  The fog then spreads around the room, premises or vehicle (any enclosed area) and finds its way into every nook and cranny leaving no sticky residue.

As well as removing such smells as tobacco, smoke, milk/food spills, urine, vomit, mould, mildew, pet smells etc. our special agents attack and destroy all germs, bacteria, viruses and spores in its path that are airborne or lingering on hard surfaces carpets, curtains, upholstery, furniture and behind the dash and car boots of vehicles leaving the area with a long lasting germ free freshness.

Sanitising Prevents Infection

When we say ‘germ-free’ we mean it sanitises and deodorises, killing germs, viruses, spores and bacteria including Parvo virus, Noro virus, Swine Flu, MRSA and E.coli, plus any form of bacteria that may have caused the smell in the first place.

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