Gutter Clearing in Steyning

Does it bother you, the thought of getting up there and cleaning clogged gutters before the winter rains set in and debris is filling up your gutters? We can clean up all the leaves and all the buildup of debris and moss from your gutters. Not only are blocked gutters a sign that your home isn’t being cared for but they can also cause serious damage to your building. Leaving your pipes and gutters full up with mess that traps even more leaves and debris can cause damage to paint and woodwork, causing every kind of mould and algae to start growing and, more seriously, cause water ingress. This makes the problem of dealing with damp a very costly one and not only that cause horrible problems with damp and rot in the foundations.

If you spot an overflow running down the side of your property or plants or other kinds of vegetation growing out of the gutter sides then it is imperative to do something about clearing them and don’t hesitate to call for help if they are not easily accessible and if your building is situated up to ten miles or so from Steyning. So give us a call for Gutter clearing in Steyning.

Our modern and effective equipment with high level vacuum will take that job off your hands and in addition save you a great deal of time and trouble plus cost of repair by professionally cleaning all the dirty and difficult areas that you can’t reach. We use only the most modern and effective equipment, and in addition we have a trained team friendly, considerate and fully insured to attend and care for your property.

So if you are one of the people who are looking for gutter clearance. We offer 100% reliable services for all your domestic and contract gutter clearning needs. If you require fully trained and trustworthy gutter cleaners in Steyning you need not look any further.

All gutter clearing work undertaken by Silver Star is fully insured and Health and Safety regulations adhered to, using environmentally friendly products and specialist, high powered equipment to get your gutters flowing properly.

All of our Gutter Clearing operatives cover the following

  • Debris removal and vacuum cleaning plus repairs
  • Vacuuming gutters and repairing leaks
  • Removing moss and lichen and patching up leaks
  • Repairing, patching or replacing gutters plus removing debris

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