Flood Damage in Shoreham

Has your property been involved in flooding or fire? Have you been searching for a company that will assist you through a time like this? Our team empathises that fires and flooding can lead to the destruction of the inside of a property and also the framework. Moreover, it can be a very stressful situation to be in.

For the sake of remaining safe it is crucial that an assessment is carried out as soon as possible after these devastating events. Silver Star Cleaning only takes on the best people to do the jobs at hand. The team are fully experienced and qualified who have efficient knowledge and know how to provide a number of cleaning services including fire and flood damage. We are committed to providing our customers a memorable service.

Silver Star Cleaning keep our good reputation by executing routine quality control and obtaining the highest staff expectations. Silver Star Cleaning employs driven staff educated to our requirements to minimise the aftermath of flood and fire damage in Shoreham and the surrounding areas.

The team can help you with flood damage and help minimise the development of mould growth. Contaminated water may be present in which case one of our specialist cleaners will visit to carry out a formal assessment. It’s because of this that we try our utmost hardest to give you a fully informed service completed to exacting standards as soon as possible.

We are licensed waste carriers and have the correct tools to effectively deal and recover from this. We will do the packing down of a property after the event of flood damage and fire damage and will put you in contact with tradespeople for their services.

We know that you do not want this to affect the running of your business and that you want to get back to normality quickly. We can also arrange for dry cleaning of any possessions that can be saved until all items are back to their previous condition ready to be brought back to the property. The team will arrive in a timely manner in Shoreham and can put you in contact with companies who will do everything in our power to help you through this time.

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