Flood Damage in Hove

Perhaps your home has been subject to flood or fire damage? Perhaps you or someone you know needs a service which can help you in this difficult process? The team of cleaners realise that floods and fires can bring about devastation to the majority of the house and furniture and the structure. What’s more, it is a very stressful situation to be in.

It is safety protocol and always a smart move to have the property examined and assessed swiftly following a flood or fire. Silver Star Cleaning only recruits the most committed and loyal workers to get you the results you need. Our staff are driven and qualified who have completed training to be able to provide a number of cleaning services including fire and flood damage. Silver Star Cleaning always aims to give customers a five star clean.

Our cleaning firm retain our excellent reputation by executing routine quality control and having only the highest expectations of our cleaners. We employ motivated and qualified staff trained to our own exacting standards to minimise the aftermath of flood and fire damage in Hove and the neighbouring areas.

We would be happy to help you with flood damage and try to cease the likelihood of mould developing and growing. Some flood water contains hazardous sewage so it is of central importance that our team comes to have a look. It is for this reason particularly that we aim to deliver a professional fully informed service completed to exacting standards with the urge to get things dealt with as fast as possible.

We are licensed to carry waste and possess the knowledge to recover from this. We will do the clear up of a property after the event of flood damage and fire damage and will find companies who will help with replacement fittings.

Our team can empathise that you do not want this to affect the running of your business so we will do everything in our power to get the job done. We can also arrange for the care of homely possessions that aren’t completely ruined until they are ready to be given back to you. Our company will be on the scene swiftly in Hove and can point you in the right direction to companies who can help throughout this stressful time.

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