Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning in Steyning

Silver Star Cleaning have the skills to help and are at the ready in your time of need in Steyning.

The after effects of a trauma scene can be a daunting and a dangerous task. Is this something that has been left to you in the past? Are you in need of a competent company for this difficult type of clean? Our cleaners empathise with the difficult essence of this kind of work. We feel that because of this, cleans like these should be completed by experienced and qualified cleaners. Silver Star Cleaning have the skills to help and are at the ready in your time of need in Steyning.

It is widely presumed that the emergency services are the ones who clean up after a trauma. They don’t have the resources needed to undertake the physically and emotionally demanding task of our specialist trauma cleaning division. The services that we provide eradicate the need for members of the general public to bare the emotional responsibility over this and hazardous job of cleaning up a trauma scene. If a family member in Steyning comes across this type of situation, don�t deal with it alone.

A crime and trauma scenes associated risks are profound and hard to ignore. Be it any kind of bodily fluid left and not cleaned up properly could hinder people’s health if the scene isn’t properly dealt with. Silver Star Cleaning provides a manner of services in Steyning for blood clean up, death clean up, homicide clean up, suicide clean up, accident & injury clean up, industrial accidents, vehicle/automobile clean up, hoarding & filth clean up, and infectious disease control.

With expertise and a number of years of experience in Steyning, our comprehensive team of bio-technicians have been a popular choice of biological waste disposal and cleaning services for people around the UK. Our expert crime and trauma scene cleaning team can provide a long list of services in trauma scene management and bio-remediation, due to the training which we have undergone and good relationship with other companies. Silver Star Cleaning are equipped and ready tackle these complex cleans for you.

We are an active member of the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners and as such our cleaners have the experience and the right skills to complete all complex trauma cleans. Our team are insured and vaccinated against Hepatitis B, for the handling of hazardous materials, such as body fluids or hypodermic needles infected with HIV or Hepatitis.

All of our Crime and Trauma Scene cleaners cover the following

  • Crime scene cleaning involving decompositions
  • Suicide and trauma clean up
  • Cell decontamination of scabies, bed bugs and body lice

We are members of the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners. We are also insured and vaccinated against Hepatitis B

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