Sanitising Cleans for COVID-19

March 19, 2020

Having an employee or regular visitor to your premises diagnosed with COVID-19 is potentially very damaging for your business as it would need to close to avoid risking anyone else becoming infected.  That’s why we are offering an emergency sanitising clean to remove any traces of the virus or other germs from all kinds of workplaces.

What a Sanitising Clean Involves

 Our team, fully protected in full PPE gear including hazmat suits, gloves, goggles, face masks, etc, attend the premises and sanitise all areas where people touch such as desks, computers, drawers, phones, door handles, chairs and so on.  Once we have thoroughly cleaned everywhere, we use an atomiser to turn our sanitising fluid into a fog to thoroughly coat all surfaces with an active ingredient which will continue killing the virus after it has dried.  At the end of the process, we dispose of all rubbish as hazardous material and leave the area ready to use and free from germs.

Open Again as Quickly as Possible 

Because, for some businesses, being closed for long enough for the virus to die naturally just isn’t an option, we are putting plans and preparations into place to enable us to spring into action with just 2 - 4 hours’ notice to fully sanitise workplaces where the Coronavirus has been diagnosed or suspected.   We can quote you on how much it would cost to carry this work out and be ready to undertake it as soon as it’s necessary.


 Having one of our sanitising cleans doesn’t just allow you to get straight back to your normal activities within a few hours of needing to close due to a coronavirus case, it is also very reassuring for staff and customers to know that the premises has been so thoroughly disinfected.

Changes to Regular Cleans

Because times are tough for businesses with all this going on, we are working with or our contract cleaning customers closely by changing specifications where required and focusing on cleaning touchpoints like those described above with anti-bacterial fluid in our cleaning to help keep their premises safe as well as clean.  All of our staff are taking extra precautions such as being very diligent with washing their hands before and after cleaning.

If anyone would like a plan to sanitise their premises in the event of a COVID-19 case in their workplace or to discuss any other cleaning needs, please give us a call on 01273 273 999 or email