Sussex County Cricket Ground Cleaning Contract

January 23, 2020

Anyone who knows anything about the Sussex County Cricket Ground will know that so much more goes on there than just county level cricket matches.  This unique venue hosts a huge variety of events from conferences, meetings, lunches, events like the Brighton Yoga Festival, business networking, quizzes and concerts like the much anticipated Michael Bublé gig in August 2020.  With such a variety of events ranging from very small meetings to huge packed out concerts, cleaning the Cricket Ground is a considerable challenge that I am absolutely delighted to say, we at Silver Star Cleaning have continued to meet so admirably that we have secured the contract to clean this wonderful place for another three years.  Hurray!

Why I Love the Cricket Ground

One of the reasons I think we keep winning this contract - even though we have to go through the full formal process of tendering for it every time so we can never take it for granted – is that our values and way of working gel so well with theirs.  There is very much a family feel at the Cricket Ground and we know they care deeply about everything they do whether that is putting on amazing events or engaging the local community with opportunities for people to try cricket.  I particularly love the work they do with disabled youngsters to give them a chance to try some cricket and have a great time.  As we have just instigated a scheme to offer job opportunities to people with disabilities and also have a family feel about our firm, we find we get on very well with the team at the Cricket Ground.

Cleaning Challenges

For all that I love working with the Cricket Ground, it does present some challenges that really test me and my team.  It’s the sheer variety of the work from cleaning toilets on a regular basis to clearing up after the huge concerts where there are huge amounts of rubbish to deal with.  Handling these situations so effectively is what the Cricket Ground appreciate about us and they said, “Following major events the clean up operation can vary with many unexpected circumstances arising.  Silver Star have always been on hand to help us overcome these challenges at short notice including a clear up operation following a concert which resulted in an increase in litter coupled with high winds. With Silver Star’s dedicated team we managed to clear up locally without affecting the local neighbourhood.”

Why the Cricket Ground Loves Us

From originally taking on a very small part of the Cricket Ground’s cleaning needs in 2006, we impressed them so much we were asked to take on the whole job.  Since then, we have won the contract time and time again and when we asked them what they like about us, they said, “They are personable, diligent and care about our stadium like it was their own, thus delivering a high quality of work coupled with a friendly face”.  They said their favourite thing about us was “Their can do attitude, no job is too small or too large.  They flex with the needs of our business to ensure we operate effectively” and what sets us apart from other cleaning companies is “Their employees, from top to bottom of their organisation everyone pulls in the same direct and puts the customers’ needs at the forefront of their mind”.  Obviously, we were delighted with this feedback.

I can’t fully express how happy it makes me to have won this contract yet again and we are so proud of the work we do with the Sussex County Cricket Club and can’t wait to clean up after Michael Bublé.  If you would like to know more about what we could do for your organisation in terms of regular contract cleaning, please give us a call on 01273 273 999 or email