Why you should use a professional cleaner

November 13, 2019

Time, effort, money and man-power, these are all the elements to consider when making up your mind about whether you should get in the professionals. Let’s take a closer look….Organisations with lots of offices, washrooms and corridors would be chaos if each of us started vacuuming our own little space at the end of each day or, racing our colleagues to and from the communal bins (if there were any), or spending time debating on who should pull on the perished rubber gloves and snorkel mask to deal with the rows of wc’s. This independent cleaning logic is clearly a waste time and motion, too much time arguing and too much time trying to find an available electric socket. But importantly, it’s a waste of your resources and money.

Get in the Professionals

What you and your organisation need are cleaning professionals, abundant with qualifications on every cleaning method, material, substance and recycling knowledge, amply able to tackle the worst and the expected in true grime quickly and effectively.

The Clean Team

The professional cleaning team arrive punctually, armed with its trolley of high performance cleaning materials and tools for every funky eventuality, drop the brakes and fan out, clearing and cleansing, regaining territory impacted by the day’s or week’s functions (broken biscuits at tea break, misuse of tissue to name a few) , and return it to its pre muck strewn state. And then, without fuss, they return and do it again as and when required. Only the professional can assure the landlord, the event manager, the student property management department, the enormous corporate body who is always looking for great cleaners, in Brighton and Hove, actually, that professional cleaners are good for you, your workforce and your bottom line.

Window cleaning for tight spots and beyond

Who knew it? Window cleaning with ladders went out with the mullet and the reach and wash systems with its long poles and non-stick water is the most requested service for residential professional cleaning. Most of us who like a clean window, want it done regularly, carefully (without knocking chunks off the sills and rendering), and cheaply, but above all, we want results. We want to see crystal clean windows, corners and reveals. The professional window pole cleaner can clean up to 4 floors in height and reach right over conservatories and tackle difficult angles. No more washing-up liquid or chemicals, this system doesn’t use any chemicals, great for the environment and safer for our workforce. The nostalgic ladder and bucket have gone, but the future is with Silver Star Cleaning, the window cleaning professionals.

Carpet Clean Right

For those of us who still have carpets and have not completely embraced the hard floor revolution, we don’t always realise how they can be crying out for a really good clean. Getting professional cleaners is an absolute must. DIY carpet cleaning can turn into a seemingly never-ending sodden nightmare, where the enthusiasm of pushing the cleaning machine jettisons far too much cleaning solution on to the carpet and refuses to go back from whence it came. The result is drenched carpets that won’t dry quickly so that a fowler smell than you originally started with pervades the whole house. Get the professionals, Call Silver Star Cleaners to bring your carpets back to health.


Call Silver Star Cleaning on 01273 273 999 for a quotation. We have the power, the ladders and all the team to keep you flowing.