Going Eco

October 8, 2019

Our planet is heading toward climate catastrophe according to a host of specialists and studies. Its like Chicken Little shouting the ‘Sky is Falling’ everywhere we turn. The ground will be toxic, the trees will disappear, fresh water will become scarce, salt water will rise and drown the seaside, ice sheets will fall off mountains and polar bears will be homeless. Its really heavy stuff, and how can the guy or gal in the street even start to get their heads round it. Almost everything we need and do as human beings seems to leave a carbon footprint that experts say will ruin life as we know it.

Old ideas for new challenges

At Silver Star Cleaning our tea breaks are a melting pot of debate on current affairs and local issues as well the best ways to remove curious stains on carpets and the like. The grave subject of climate and environment led to discussing our memories of the days of Keep Britain Tidy and Share a bath and Save water in the 70’s, the Mend it, don’t Chuck it mentality …. and the team came to the conclusion that we should stop being doomsters and challenge ourselves to be part of the Saving the Environment movement and by association, the whole planet, by changing our attitude and habits in our everyday cleaning strategy. And little by little, we are doing our bit.

Get Wombling

Our clever procurement office has sourced cleaning materials that have either no nasty chemicals but that do the job just as well as those that can leach into the water system and end up in your pint. It also means that we’re not using chemicals that have been made by pumping tonnes of noxious fumes into the atmosphere. Dusters and cleaning clothes are recycled from towelling supplied by a local company. They wash over and over again, performing much better than those yellow things that leave bits of yellow fluff over everything. Once our uniforms are worn out with more holes than common decency would allow, they are chopped up to make excellent rags for all manner of polishing and mopping tasks. We hail the advent of compostable bags and recycling vessels, and sadly though the black plastic bag is still the go-to bag for most, we are not averse to plunging in and releasing items that should be recycled.

Greta Thunberg would love us!

Trying to use less water to clean windows is, when washing windows is one of our core services, at the top of our ‘head scratch’ list. We don’t want to compromise our clients’ expectations whilst we want to reduce water wastage. Our incredibly advanced window cleaning system has figured out how to do this and we’re really grateful as it completely stumped us. Less water, superbly clean windows. Whilst we haven’t figured out how to stick a wind turbine on our hoovers yet, we will continue to find those little ways to keep our town clean, reduce our impact on the environment and our customers happy.

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